Pre-Screen Press

 All RAW books  are automatically screened just prior to press at no charge, and will only be pressed if there is a defect to remove.

A credit is given for all books that are not pressed.

Restoration Detection

Comic Book Restoration Check is $10 per book. Many books are automatically flagged for restoration even if not selected.


Slabs are screened before removal unless client passes on the screen. Slab screen fee is $5, and case removal fee is $5.

Evaluating books for potential restoration is another pre-screen service. The best way to evaluate a book for restoration is to have it in hand for a detailed inspection. That way you can be fully informed on all the defects, processes to correct those defects, potential risk of certain processes and the anticipated results. The fee for this is $75, and covers time and shipping cost.

Unfortunately we cannot offer any guarantees that there is not any restoration in any given book as it is not always apparent or definitive