We offer submitting and Shipping to CGC

Whether you use HRC account, or Client Account, we submit your collectables for you after pressing or restoration work is done. This a convenient way of getting your collectables graded and encapsulated, then shipped directly to you..

Ready to get your collectables graded? Click here to submit your comics today.

Why should you get your collectable graded?

There are various reasons why you might want to have your collectable graded by an independent third party.

Increasing the re-sale value of your collectable is often regarded as the primary reason for getting you comic graded. A graded collectable has the advantage of giving the buyer peace of mind and more confidence in the product they are purchasing, no longer will they have to rely on their own (often mis-guided) judgement when assessing the condition of a raw collectable.

This confidence is also extended to knowing with certainty if a collectable has been restored or has any other hidden issues that would otherwise not be seen when inspecting a raw collectable.

Having your collectable graded can also help preserve your collectible for the future, especially important if you hope to one day pass down your treasured collection to family.