We offer affordable comic book pressing & restoration services! Our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry, and our expert skills are second to none!

Comic Book Pressing Prices

Pressing prices will include: Standard machine press, hand pressing for overhangs and dents, spine rolls and dry cleaning (excluding ‘Press Only” tier). Does not include Super Pressing, a process for severely damaged books, and is only available with Captains Chair Tier.

 If books that have been pre-approved need to be removed from a slab, it is $10 per book.


For a limited time!

Warp Speed is $45, which is 25% off.

Slipstream is $75, which is 25% off.

Domestic Shipping Fee is $26 for first item, and one additional dollar per item. Does not includes slabs, and fee adjusted at shipping dept. discretion.

Update Star Date 5/29/22 Due to maximum capacity, Teleport, Impulse, and comics newer than 1975 are offline. Estimated time for repairs at this time is unknown.

If submitting books for multiple HRC turnaround times, please use a separate form for each turnaround.

Pre-Screening Prices

We offer a wide array of pre-screening services to help you get the most out of your collectible.

Pre-screen for pressing candidate: All RAW books  are automatically screened just prior to press at no charge, and will only be pressed if there is a defect to remove.

A credit is given for all books that are not pressed, less $5 admin fee for forms.

Comic Book Restoration Detection is $10 per book. Many books are automatically flagged for restoration even if not selected, but good option for higher value books.

Comic Book Restoration Prices

Evaluating books for potential restoration is another pre-screen service. The best way to evaluate a book for restoration is to have it in hand for a detailed inspection. That way you can be fully informed on all the defects, processes to correct those defects, potential risk of certain processes and the anticipated results. The fee for this is $50. Fee is waved if book is worked on.

Disclaimer: Please note, when submitting your books; if you do not put your book in the proper tier it will be automatically moved into the correct one. Tier must match book’s correct value/year.